Server Features

  • Our Server Rules - are designed to prevent and quickly handle bullies and griefers.
  • Grief prevention - This allows players to create claims of their areas. Prevents other players for robbing you, breaking your stuff and builds. You can give access to the players you want and also limit that access. The more you play the more blocks your allowed to claim. Click here to find out how to use this feature
  • Mini games - let us know in discord, if you have any suggestions.
  • DYNMap - View
  • Large Biomes
  • Community area - We have built an area; as you may already know, that has tons of auto farms and user driven farms already built. We also have a massive item sorter that players can contribute to if they so choose to. Our group of friends are community driven players so we will be always contributing to the community storage areas.
  • Temporary or long term housing - you can request an apartment from the admin that only you and friends can access. You can also limit the access. This allows players to have a place to get started from and eventually move out to their build area. Or you can stay and just build around the community area.
  • Villager Trading area already setup. Always looking for better ones.
  • Long standing server. This server has been up and active since late 2016. We intend to keep it up for a long time.